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About Julia

Julia MacGlashan, L.Ac., MSTOM, Dipl.OM received her master's degree from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in Chicago.  She is NCCAOM board certified and licensed to practice by the State of Illinois. 

Julia’s goal is to provide compassionate care, and her lighthearted and kind demeanor makes each treatment a joy.  Julia will meet anyone in their current state of mind, body, and spirit, and work with them to get them where they want to go. 

Julia was born and raised in Chicago.  She has a dog named Houdini, and he has a beard.



Japanese Meridian Therapy is based on touch.  It uses subtle differences in the pulses, abdomen, and acupuncture meridians to identify and rectify imbalances within the body.

Each treatment begins with strengthening the body overall, followed by symptom relief.  This puts the body in a state to better heal itself, as well as prevent future illness.

Compared to other acupuncture styles, Japanese Meridian Therapy utilizes a combination of more gentle needling techniques and moxibustion for its powerful results.


What it Treats

Because acupuncture works by bringing balance to the body overall, it can treat nearly any aspect of one's life, from sleep or digestion, to anxiety or overall stress levels. 

Acupuncture addresses not only your main concern, but also prevents future illness and provides a general sense of well-being. 

Julia has experience working with a wide variety of health issues, including chronic fatigue, chronic pain, mental health concerns, digestive issues, insomnia, gynecological problems, among many others.