Julia utilizes a variety of techniques tailored to each person’s individual needs.  She searches for the simplest treatment with the greatest benefits for each person she sees.  This might include any of the modalities listed below.   


Acupuncture and East Asian Medicine have been in use for over 2,000 years.  At the foundation of this Medicine is the understanding that every living thing has life energy called Qi.  Qi flows through the body in energy streams called Meridians, which are related to the hundreds of acupuncture points.  Pain or illness results when blockages occur in these meridians and the flow of Qi is inhibited.  Acupuncture works by unblocking these meridians, renewing the healthy flow of Qi, and restoring balance to the body.


Moxibustion treats and prevents disease by applying heat to certain points or areas on the body. The herb, moxa, is ignited and placed either directly on the body, or on the handle of the acupuncture needles, until a sensation of warmth is felt.  The heat helps the medicinal properties of the herb permeate deeply into the body.  It is one of the best methods for either nourishing the body or moving stubborn blockages.

Sound is an extraordinary healing tool.  Tuning forks are a form of vibrational sound healing that is rooted in East Asian Medicine, philosophy, and astrology.  Each tuning fork has a different effect on the body, either physically or emotionally.  They are used in conjunction with acupuncture meridians and points to provide another pathway, harmonic attunement, for restoring the body to optimum health.   

Tuning Forks